Victorious Secrets: Unveiling a Couple’s Passion & Quest to Love

YOU HAVE NEVER READ A COUPLE’S BOOK LIKE THIS BEFORE Victorious Secrets are intended to be a source of encouragement covering a vast number of topics with empowering quotes, insightful messages, secret reminders for a couple’s day and evening, along with interactive reflective journaling activities. These Victorious Secrets have been specifically crafted for couples in mind, and will provide couples with a wealth of secret information. I am excited because, you will embark on a journey where you will be.....

101 Inspirational Quotes for Us Rich Chicks

This self-help book recognizes the propensity and abundance of women’s experiences. These real-life experiences are a beacon of light and will bring a fresh insight to women. This book offers a kaleidoscope of information, guidance, support, and encouragement and also provides you with the visionary tools and tips needed to equip women’s inward treasures. This book of inspiration and motivation provides you with 101 quotes for rich chicks, rich thoughts writing exercises, and rich point-of-the-day affirmations, which will educate and.....

My Eyes Can See

My Eyes Can See shows how Andrée Nicole gained a tremendous amount of insight and that it would be most beneficial for others to learn that they are not alone, and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that women can experience wholeness in every facet of their lives again.

Beyond the Tears: Healing After the Loss

This is an eloquent book that allows the readers who have experienced the loss of a baby to find comfort and healing in these two powerful, honest, and courageous short chapters, which also include morning and evening healing affirmations, as well as monthly written activities that will open their eyes, mind, heart, and soul to heal after the loss.


Andrée Nicole Book Collection