Andrée means strength, and Nicole means victory of the people.  She is the Founder and CEO of ANDREE NICOLE INC. an empowerment organization that equips women, couples and youth with the tools and tips required to discover and focus on the power to become empowered.  Andrée Nicole has recently been honoured for her contributions in Entrepreneurship and Women Empowerment at the 2018 Women Doing It Big Conference in New York City, and continues to dedicate her life to learning.


She is known to many as a Thought Leader on Education, and wears many hats as an Educator with 18 years of teaching experience coupled with a BA Honours, BEd from York University, and a Masters in Education specializing in the area of Curriculum Social Justice & Cultural Studies from the University of Toronto.  She is also a Certified Life/Empowerment Coach, Mentor for ‘engaging and empowering’ vulnerable youths.


Andrée Nicole is best known for addressing issues pertaining to The Unspoken Dialogue, and using it as a platform of empowerment to empower marginalized and vulnerable youth within the various District School Boards and Communities.


Andrée Nicole’s eloquence as a Canadian Inspirational Speaker and grace as an Author of 4 inspiring and motivational books, offers a kaleidoscope of information, guidance, support, and encouragement to her readers.  Victorious Secrets: Unveiling a Couple’s Passion & Quest to Love, My Eyes Can See: A Year of Reflection and Insight, 101 Inspirational Quotes for Us Rich Chicks and Beyond The Tears: Healing After the Loss, are a few of her greatest accomplishments!


Women Doing It Big Spring Edition Magazine has recognized Andrée Nicole as 1 of the 35 WOMEN TO WATCH for 2018 list.  She is making strides in a wide array of entrepreneurial endeavors, and is having a positive impact on their respective communities.  Island Muse and the Toronto Caribbean Newspaper featured her under the “Women Empowered” section,” and Soulful Image Magazine has named her one of the “Top 100 Canadian Women of Inspiration” in North America.”


She is known primarily for an eponymous talk show, as the co-host of The Awareness Show, has made appearances and has been aired on Bell, Bell Vibe, Rogers and International Television.  She lives in Toronto, Ontario with her husband and her son.

Andrée Nicole Book Collection